Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Crafty Baby Shower skills

I promised to share my crafty baby shower skills with you that was made for the coming of my sweet nephew.  Patrick Jr arrived 8lb and 9oz.  We're going to call him PJ for short since his father is now a Sr.  This was my first time making the motor cycle.  I've seen lots of photos for tricycles, but I  wanted to do my own creation.  It's all by trial and error, but I was pleased with it.  The teddy bear was my brothers and I wanted to use it as my cyclist. 

Here's a close up of the horn....beep beep.  I used Tim Holtz mini paper rosette die and used Creative Memories cutting tool to make the circle.  I added eyelets, which is my seldom used embellishment that I have So many of.  The steering wheel is a blanklet (lol that almost look like an animal) and I added baby bear fibers for the streamers.  The light is a mini sippie cup. Nike socks were added to the end of the handle bars for knobs.

Here's a side view of the diapers. It was easy. I used dried up wipers from my scrapbooking stash and put them in the middle of the toilet roll.  I rolled up the diapers individually and then put some on the top to give it a smooth feel and wrapped the yellow ribbon around it. They are attached with a heavy duty ribbon. It looks confusing so maybe next time I should do a tutorial huh? lol
Back up rear view...Baby boy on board. I added yellow instead of blue to give it a little color. I probably would have added a blue strip on top thinking back.  I put the burping cloth on the top of the diapers and the front is the matching bib.
This idea of a baby carriage was inspired by Pinterest. When I find the site I will come back and update the post to give them credit. I carved the opening of the watermelon and took a cantaloupe and made the head by taking off all the hull. I put grapes for eyes....Don't know why I didn't put the red grapes instead of the green. The nose is from the cantaloupe and a real pacifier for the mouth. My mother cut up the fruit and she cut the pineapple in half and placed a few more pieces of fruit in there.
Toothpick holders were added to the tuna sandwiches. It's a variety of punches from Creative Memories circles & hearts and Martha Stewart little elephant (love that punch).
The 'Onesie Wisdom' clothes line was fun to embellish.  I drew a pattern and cut them out. I asked the guest to put some words of wisdom for Father-to-be.  I hung them in PJ's room and my brother reads them often.
Most of them were embellished and some on pattern paper. Paper and embellies came from my stash. That's what make these projects so special is that I didn't have to go to a store to purchase anything.  Mmm well the diapers, but everything else came from my stash...Yes including the clothespins. I used acrylic pastels and painted the clothes pins blue, yellow and green to give them a little color.  They were hung on light blue tulle.
We tied ribbon around the bottles, which were the shower favorites for the guest.  They turned out great.  The bottle read, "PJ A Blessing, A Gift From Above, A Precious Angel for Grandma Minnie To Love".  When my mother read that her smile was So bright.  She's mothered a lot of children, (affectionately known as Mama Minnie), but to have her very own grandchild is a blessing that she treasures the most. 

And of course the first card  gave me inspiration for the color scheme. It's a digi by Robert Jackson.  The rest of them were done similiar to the second card.  It was a lot of work, but I enjoyed every moment.  Now off to make the thank you cards and a picture of  baby PJ will be inserted.  He's so adorable and such a good baby. 

Thank you for letting me share my crafty baby shower skills with you.  I am enjoying my baby nephew.  He is truly a blessing from God.  Can't wait to make the mini album.  Be blessed!


  1. Oh wow, what an awesome celebration of a new little life. Everything is just so beautifully creative.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. Princess, congrats to you and your family! You are so talented, tfs!

  3. Oh Wow...what a sweet...cute lil bear, and what an awesome display!!

  4. Congrats on the nephew. I am sure you are gonna be the best Auntie ever. Lovely party spread.

  5. Congrats absolutely beautiful and creative thanks for sharing!!!

  6. WOW!!! Ms. Princess, you are soooooooooo talented Ms. Lady!! I love all the baby shower stuff!! Congrats on your new Nephew!!

  7. OOoooooh that little motorcycle is adorable!! You are so versatile and talented. Congrats on the new addition to your family! I just attended my God Childs shower over the weekend, and she, Crimson, is scheduled to arrive in September :)

  8. WOW super cute baby shower stuff great job!


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