Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Love Making 'Mini' Memories

Someone has an obsession with mini albums.  I admit I really do LOVE to make them so I created a layout of my collection on my shelf. 

Below are over 50 paperbag mini albums I put together for The Sharin & Carin' Breast Cancer survivors to make memories of their families as well as their journey.  What lovely ladies...They inspire me and each year I look forward to memory making with them.

My scrappy friend Mika sent me these minis except for the small 7 gypsies mini which was sent by my scrappy friend Sharon.  Can't wait to create!  They make great gifts so I believe I'll be making a few for Christmas!

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  1. I just love you minis! They are all so beautiful. What you did for breast cancer was phenomenal!!! I have several mini albums that I created at a convention, but I have never used them. After seeing this I am inspired to go back and take a second look...or send them to you...LOL


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