Thursday, September 5, 2013

Paper Crafters in the Making!

I had the pleasure of a Scrapbooking date for my two sweet play nieces Kaleb and Jaiden.  I originally scheduled for three hours, but they completed their mini albums in two hours!   Jaiden said she loved arts and crafts.  It was proven in their mini. I just wished I could have taken photos of the inside.  It's a flip album and there were flips everywhere filled with photos and journaling and all kinds of cuteness.  Aren't they adorable?!

They started off VERY serious. I wish I would have jotted down the comments...They were funny!
 The first project was to do name titles using shapes and letters. Proud girls!
Since pink and purple were the chosen colors. I gave them my dress favors that I altered some time ago to recycle and this was their use them with a photo of their face. How creative?!!!
 They chose it as their back cover.
Now Kaleb is ready for the next date!
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  1. How cute is that. You keep them coming so crafting will never go out of style. Tell them they did an excellent job.

  2. How cute! Pretty soon they'll be signing on to some design teams that want to target younger crafters LOL...

  3. They are too cute! Great job on the projects.

  4. Two cuties - they did a great job (keep up the good work girls) tfs!!!

  5. The girls are so cute! I know you all had a blast. Their projects are just wonderful :)

  6. They are too cute and love their little albums!


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