Monday, September 16, 2013

My first diaper cake with a tutorial

I took a break from card making for something crafty I've been wanting to make for a while....A diaper cake!  My first diaper project was for my nephew, a diaper motorcycle cake here that I posted last month.  One of my co-workers asked me for  assistance with party favors and decorations for a baby shower she was hosting for a friend.  On her list was a diaper project.  I took photos as I went along to provide a tutorial.  This is the final presentation....King of the Jungle!  We fell in the love with the monkey that plays music!
Crafty supplies:
Sizzix crown die cut
DCWV The Green Tea Stack
Americana White wash acrylic paint
Anita's Island blue acrylic paint
Mod Podge

We recycled a box from work and I used my large Creative Memories circle cutter to cut the cardboard to be placed at the bottom and colored it with a mixture of  island blue and  white wash acrylic paint to coat the top and bottom of the cake prop.  A small coat of Mod Podge was added after it dried.
I placed a doily on the top of it at first.  Thought it was a lovely presentation, but you'll see later it was all about the diapers so it was eventually removed.
I started with a paper towel roll and wrapped a diaper around it.  I single wrapped a few others and then I wrapped the entire diaper around to make it smooth.
The diapers were covered with a blanket.  It looks like a cake in a bundt pan huh?!
The Creative Memories circle cutting tools really came in handy.  I cut another circle yet smaller and cut a hole in the center to build another layer.

After wrapping the blanket around I realized it was not enough diapers.  I love how the presentation looked with the doily, but as I stated before it's all about the diapers so I removed the doily, took the blanket off, added more diapers and this is how it came out.  You need various size rubber bands.  That is how they are standing so strong together.
Here you see the blankets wrapped around the cake. Time for the third layer!
It's an animal or jungle theme so I chose the papersack confetti and added to each layer.
I placed two inch chocolate ribbon around each layer. Remember this was my first so I didn't know how to adhere it.  A paperclip was temporarily placed to keep it together.  I thought about putting a thin 1 inch ribbon on the two inch ribbon, but it looked a bit too busy.
Instead three polka dots two inch ribbon were tied into bows and placed a strip of brown around the inside to bring out the color.  A long stem of fall leaves were entered inside at the top.  See below.

This was my final product after adding the monkey.  Some monkey ribbon was tied to his neck.   
I took him to work for my co-worker to make sure she was satisfied.   To fine tune it I tucked the confetti or grass into the diapers a bit more.  Pacifiers and note markers were left from my brother's shower so I added them and I put the bows together with hot glue and pearl pins.  Can you see the blue pacifiers in front of the bows?  I was excited about the details.  I know it seems a bit busy, but I was going after the jungle theme.  It's one thing missing and hope you noticed up front.  Something crafty.  Did you find it?  Compare this one with the top finale! 
Thank you for stopping by!  Hope the tutorial was helpful.  I'm opened to any suggestions since this was my first one.  Stay tuned for more crafty projects to come!


  1. OMG! This is too darn cute...for a first, you did an awesome job. Thanks for the tutorial...I was thinking about making one for my niece and now I will!!!

  2. This turned out great! I did a few last year and the recipients didn't want to take them apart....TFS

  3. What an adorable project... and a thoughtful gift too.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    xxx Asha
    Sunny Summer Crafts

  4. That is darling I always wondered how they made those!

  5. That is darling I always wondered how they made those!

  6. Cute! Very nice presentation. Love the leaves!


  7. Princess, of course you rocked the diaper cake!

  8. Absolutely beautiful - you did a great job - tfs the tutorial!!!

  9. Oh I just Love your Diaper Cake. It's just Adorable. You did an Awesome job. Thanks for Sharing! Happy Day to you. :0)


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